I’m sure you have questions…

  • “How many photos do I get?” - In the end it depends on the day, however, normally I deliver between 600-800 images. Ultimately I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.

  • “How long does it take to get my photos?” - On average it takes 4 weeks, however, if it’s looking like it’ll take a bit less or more I’ll let you know. Since, I’d rather do a job properly than have it rushed!

  • “How much do you charge?” - I charge £995 for the day, and offer an additional engagement shoot for the total of £1,120.

  • “How long do you stay?” I’ll be with you from when you’re getting ready, until at least 30 minutes of the dancing getting going. (However, normally by that point i’m having so much fun I stay a bit longer!)

  • “Where are you based?” I’m based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and am happy to travel over the island! If your wedding requires me getting on a plane or boat however, then we’ll have to discuss further travel prices.

  • “How do I get my photos?” I deliver your images in a small recycled box, on a usb pen drive, along with a handwritten thank you note and a polaroid of my favourite shot of the day.