Engagement shoots are incredible. You get to spend a day having fun and laughing, in beautiful looking places, all while giving a couple some incredible photos; but most importantly - giving them peace of mind for their actual wedding day.

I am a firm advocate for engagement shoots, they allow the couple to get to know you as a person, it help them to to relax in front of the camera, all while learning how you work as a photographer. And of course, you get some stunning images on the other side of it! Crucially, allowing your subjects to relax about their wedding day is invaluable, not only for them (since they know what to expect!), but for the photographer also, since relaxed people make for better photos!

However, I would feel I was lying if I said that it was necessary for all couples to get an engagement shoot. It is just a fact that you (as a couple) don’t need an engagement shoot. If you’re trying to save money, or you’re already used to being in front of a camera, then there isn’t an explicit need to have an engagement shoot.

But, even though it isn’t necessary, that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful! Which is why I encourage couple’s who's wedding I’m capturing to also go for the engagement shoot, since it pays dividends on the actual day itself!

The following are some of my favourite images from a recent day of photographing with Andrew & Rebecca, I can’t wait to see how their wedding day turns out after the fun we had this day! Enjoy.

Are you newly engaged and looking for your photographer? Well if you like what you’ve seen and fancy a chat about it, then feel free to contact me and we can get chatting!