A perfect Lens for weddings


‘Perfect’ is obviously a subjective term, but this is hands down the most optically impressive lens i’ve ever used. Carrying the substantial solid metal construction and optical brilliance that Fuji users now come to expect, it could easily be overlooked as a ‘standard’ portrait lens. But it is so much more.

The 56mm moves away from the fuji pocket-sized lens theme; trading portability for stellar optics and the main attraction of a 1.2 aperture. Boy is the trade-off worth it.


The shallow depth of field is magical. It’s perfectly sharp where it’s meant to be sharp, and buttery smooth where it should be smooth, creating a certain dreamy character which puts the lens in its own league. 

These distinct characteristics and qualities set it up to be the perfect tool for an intimate portraiture session during a wedding. Furthermore, its the perfect length to get you close to your subjects; this helps you to be with your clients, and forces you to interact with them. The inability to stand far away and snap in your own world facilitates a genuine relationship between you and the couple, which further aids in the creation of natural, relaxed photos. But this is just the beginning of the 56mm’s use and the beginning of where it shines.


The greater reach over a wider lens like the 23mm 1.4 grants you the freedom to document moments which would otherwise have been impossible. I’m a big advocate of being close to your subject and interacting with them, but occasionally that simply isn't possible. Times like this are where the 56mm capture emotion and natural reactions without interfering in a scene.

To conclude, I love this lens. It is a professional performer which ticks all the boxes and It without doubt makes up one third of my desert island wedding lenses (more to come soon).