My name is Ross. I’m an Irish photographer who believes that photographs are more than just images. Photographs are a moment, they display emotion and preserve memories in a way like no other. For this reason I believe I have the greatest job in the world, getting to capture moments and gift people the happiness associated with them.


For me, relationships are my passion. I love nothing more than to meet up with friends and spend time together, learning and supporting each other. For that reason, my photography is driven by the passion of meeting people and capturing their personality. The thrill of finding creative ways to show people’s character brings me the utmost joy, and the idea of sharing the joy with you gives me even more happiness!

Things I love:

  • Exploring the outdoors,

  • Playing music with my friends,

  • Chatting over (good) coffee,

  • Funk, jazz and a particular love of the band Vulfpeck,

  • Surfing.

Based off all of that...